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are you fucking kidding me

apparently america is not ready

give us a gay princess anyway

not just a gay princess, a gay everything, give us a film where everything is gay.

You know what they need to do? They need to pull a Li-Shang with everyone

Have the main character be androgynous and have the audience assume it’s a female and use gender neutral pronouns the whole time

Have the prince come to ‘her’ rescue and they fall in love

Here’s the kicker the prince knows that the main character is a guy, everyone in the movie does except the audience

And in the last scene they get married and they’re both wearing tuxes and it’s just like “presenting King __ and King __” and everyone in the movie is cool with it like wgaf

So basically make all these homophobes ship the thing and then the last scene be like GUESS WHAT IT’S GAY


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